This workshop sheds light on surgical basics such as:

  • Types of suturing threads and needles
  • How to use surgical suturing instruments
  • How to perform the Simple Interrupted Suture
  • How to perform the Running Suture
  • How to perform the Vertical Mattress Suture
  • How to perform the Buried Suture
  • How to correctly remove the sutures

At the end of the workshop the participants will manage a sharp cut injury imitation.

Certificate of attendance will be available for all wishing participants.


This workshop provides insight into intermediate level skills such as:

  • How to properly put surgical gloves on
  • How to adapt angles in angular cuts
  • How to perform Interlocking Suture
  • How to perform the Intracutaneous Suture
  • How to fix the drain with instrument tie
  • Extensor tendon reconstruction
  • Flexor tendon reconstruction
  • How to tie a knot with One Hand and Two Hands technique

At the beginning of the workshop we will briefly recap the basics of suturing.

All recipients receive handouts:

  • How to perform surgical scrub
  • How to properly put on surgical gown and gloves
  • 9 advices before entering the operating room

Certificate of attendance will be available for all wishing participants.


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