Surgeon’s Assistant Workshop Series

Embarking on journey to become a surgeon requires more than theoretical knowledge – it demands the acquisition of hands-on proficiency in fundamental surgical skills. Our three-part workshop series is meticulously designed to impart participants with the skills and information necessary to assist surgeons in various operations and to pave the way for their own evolution into accomplished surgeons.

SurgiSpark: This hands-on session provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to essential surgical skills. Topics include the correct application of surgical attire, proficient handling of instruments, and mastery of primary surgical sutures. Ideal for beginners seeking fundamental knowledge in surgical practice.

SurgiLeap: Designed for participants seeking to enhance their surgical proficiency, SurgiLeap offers an in-depth exploration of advanced surgical techniques. Participants will delve into intermediate suturing methods including interlocking suture, intracutaneous suture and many more. Recommended for individuals with foundational surgical skills, such as those who have completed the SurgiSpark Workshop, seeking to expand their expertise in surgical practice.

SurgiExcel: Elevate your surgical skill set with SurgiExcel, a comprehensive program delving into advanced techniques essential for proficient surgical practice. Participants will gain expertise in intricate procedures including tendon suturing, manual surgical knot tying, and blood vessel ligatures, alongside valuable theoretical insights. Recommended for individuals with a solid foundation in surgical basics, SurgiExcel provides the final leap towards mastery in surgical expertise.